I want to give away some of my favorite products that I use in the bedroom. I will have things for men and women. If you want to recommend a prize by all means let me know. I will be holding a drawing at the end of each month and the winner will be announced on my site! You can only enter the contest once every month by emailing me your name and address on my contact page. Good luck Fab Readers!

Here are the prizes:
June 2013 Prize
20130213_211751 I’ve been told by females that it is difficult to have anal sex because it hurts when their guy tries to put his penis in. Part of the reason it hurts is because (for some females) there is no lubrication back there. Using this product will leave you more comfortable and his penis will be alble to slide in without hurting you as much.

May 2013 Prize
20130213_211730 There is nothing worse than a man who can’t get it up. As soon as I seen this product it gave me hope for all the men that can only last one round. Using this product will have you rock hard and leave your lady satisfied.

April 2013 Prize
20130213_211650 If you love anal play as much as I do you will love these silicone beads. They slip in without a problem and you barely need anal lube.

March 2013 Prize
20130213_211556This is the perfect prize for my S&M lovers. This non-sticky bondage tape will not stick to body hair and it is reusable! This is one of my faovrite products.

Sept 2012 Prize
Are you tired of doing the same positions? Well spice up your sex life with the “Position of the Day Playbook”. You should have sex everyday in every way!

April 2012 Prize
We have all needed some type of lube whether it was for anal sex or vaginal. This package of contains five different types of lube: Warming, Sensitive, Tingling, Silicone, and Water Based. Every vagina has a different preference so it is great to have options fellas.

March 2012 Prize

If you are looking to achieve hugh orgasm’s this is the perfect product for you. Apply a dab of Horny Honey to your clitoris and it will become more sensitive and much easier to achieve mind blowing orgasms!

February 2012 Prize
WINNER: LAKEESHA COLVIN OF NORMAN, OK For me the strawberry flavor of Good Head is an oldie but goodie. This is for the females that don’t like the taste of their love ones penis. Turn the taste of licking skin into a candy treat!

January 2012 Prize

WINNER: KAYE McKINNEY OF LAUREL, MD This is a Asylum Patient Restraint Kit. This is the perfect for people who are into S&M. It includes one 10 foot nylon rope, one waffle ball gag and one blindfold.

December 2011 Prize

WINNER: BRANDI HESTER OF WASHINGTON, DC I’m big on nipple stimulation so I had to try out the Vibrating Nipple Pads. You attach the cup to your areola and flip the switch for hands free satisfaction.

November 2011 Prize

WINNER: ANTONIA MORRIS OF TALLAHASSEE,FL The water resistant Marble Vibe is by far a toy I can’t live without. It is perfect for those who love clitoris stimulation. It is 5 inch of pure heaven and is guaranteed to make your toes curl.

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