Brown Skin (Part I)

Brown Skin (Part I)

As the dust blows over from your last relationship you begin to embrace life more. You keep in mind that there are great men out there, but you need to stop searching. The greatest love isn’t found; it is given. It comes so unexpectedly. The connection you have with someone could tell a lifetime of stories. The initial meeting may make you feel like you’ve known them forever. The first touch can confirm what your heart has always desire.  This feeling is strong and you can’t fight it. Hold on and embrace this feeling every day. I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes we do thing that we can’t explain to ourselves. I have to tell you how I feel because my emotions won’t allow me to hide this beam of light. Your presence shows me that the possibilities can become a reality if you keep hope within you. No one ask for this, but it’s happened. Let this connection build us and not a list of expectation.

Your skin pressed up against my body. Nothing lies between us, but sweat. Lie on top of me and don’t move; I want to capture this moment forever. I feel your breathe on my breast as my nipples slowly start to harden.  I am so turned on by this feeling. Please don’t let it end. I thought it couldn’t get any better, but this experience has proven else wise.  You rise up from my chest and make your way to my thighs. Biting me gently I begin to moan. You know everything to do to me without me saying a word.  This is the first time this has happened. I’m in tuned with your spirit. When you look at me it takes me on a high. Cocaine, oxy’s , and weed  couldn’t even compare. You are the purest drug in its rarest form. You watch my face as you control my body with your thickness. I grip the sheet overwhelmed by greatness. Each moment created becomes a lyric within your heart.  My pussy becomes wetter with each stroke and every whisper. My hands slide down the wet of your back as you continue to penetrate me.  Your skin glows as the candle light reflects every part of your body.  I am mesmerized by your brown skin; illustrated with ink and definition.

This is what I deserve. This is what I desire. You are taking the time to be with me. Holding me after we climax; kissing the nape of my neck. I want you as much as you want me. There is no denying this truth.  Put me first; forsake all others, for I am not willing to share you with any others.  This moment is ours for the taken. You kiss my lips as you prepare to exit. I lie in bed wanting and anticipating you more. The smell of you rises from my pillows. I’m knee deep into this shit. I wanted you again from the moment you left my sight. You drive here or I drive there. I don’t even care. I just need you to satisfy my urges for you. Your energy has grasped me from every angle imaginable. Questions turn into all the answers. You are all I want to know. Nothing matters before you and nothing will matter after. This is the sweetest intoxication to a remarkable journey; which started with the touch of your brown skin.

© 2012, Geri C. All rights reserved.

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