Passing Your Past

Passing Your Past

Today I come to you as a woman who has ended another relationship. Although it hurts I know all wounds heal. The problem with relationships is that you have to spend time with the person to see if they’re a good fit. Sometime no matter how bad you want them to be they are not. One of the main things I have experience from my ex’s is their complications to get pass their past. Bringing your old relationship negativity into a new relationship is not good. I feel like if you can’t get pass your past then you should not even be in a new relationship. Heal your wounds then consider the possibility.

It hurts like hell to deal with a break up. I’ve learned the greatest lesson though; don’t fight for someone that doesn’t fight for you. Is it worth being in a relationship just to say you’re in one? Quite frankly it isn’t. I know what I deserve. I went into my previous relationship knowing what I wanted. Hell what we wanted. I am one to leave my past in the pass because I want to focus on finding a man that is capable of not giving me the same shit the last one did. I want to be acknowledged and accept for who I am. At this point in my life I am willing to wait for that because I know it will be worth it. If it never comes then it wasn’t meant for me to have. I will never settle.

Don’t excuse bad behavior. Accepting bad behavior will leave your emotions in a mountain of shit. Don’t block your own path to a successful relationship. We all tend to do that. We have to stop prolonging the evitable. If it is meant to be then he or she will come back to you. The neo-soul singer Maxwell said something in his song Pretty Wings that hit home. He said, “I will not see what I cannot have forever.” I totally relate to this powerful lyric. What’s the point of looking for someone that you can feel will be nothing more than sex. We have to set our expectations higher. People may say you are picky, but they don’t have to live with your relationship choices. Let’s start owning our choices .

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