Suggestions For Your Sex Life

Suggestions For Your Sex Life

For many couples, relationship problems stem back to issues in the bedroom. This may seem a bit shallow on the surface, and of course there are many important aspects of any relationship besides sex. However, your sex life with your partner is one of the most personal and intimate things that you share together, which means that if it isn’t healthy, your relationship probably won’t be for very long. Often, a dissatisfying sex life with your partner is simply due to a lack of openness and excitement in the bedroom. Sure, you probably enjoy each other physically on a very basic level, but to keep your sex life healthy, you both have to be willing to try new things and experiment. It’s exactly like everyday life – if you do the same thing day in and day out, it’s going to get old and boring! So here are a few easy suggestions for things to try with your partner.

o Different Positions – This probably seems like the simplest suggestion in the world, but it is actually one that would help a lot of couples out. Along with establishing a sexual routine, there’s a good chance that without even meaning to you and your partner have become comfortable with a few preferred sexual positions. Unfortunately, this gets boring! There are literally books filled with different sexual positions to try, so certainly you and your partner can manage to experiment a bit. It doesn’t mean you’ll fall in love with everything you try, but chances are you’ll figure out a lot of fun new ways to have sex.

o Sex Toys – You may well think that sex toys are more for individual use than for sex with your partner, and to some extent you would be correct. But the two ideas are not mutually exclusive. Having sex toys on hand to use on your own is perfectly fine, but breaking them out with your partner in the bedroom can lead to a whole different dimension of exciting foreplay. It never hurts to try new things, and heading to a sex toy shop like Adam & Eve may open up a lot of new doors for you and your partner. Just make sure you talk about it a bit before buying a bunch of strange toys.
o Bondage – Contrary to popular misunderstanding, bondage doesn’t have to be dark, scary or weird. Instead think of it more like a game, or a style of sex that, again, leads to a new type of experience. Even if you prefer to have sex without bondage, giving it a shot can lead to more intimacy. Bondage encourages a certain sort of sexual trust that isn’t always present even in established relationship, so trying it, at the very least, ought to be healthy for your sex life. And who knows, you may both grow to love it!

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