Spy Chicks

Spy Chicks

One word ladies: STOP. We are getting out of control when it comes to wanting to know our man’s every move. We go through their phone and their email. We even go as far as snooping around their MySpace page to see who’s been leaving him messages. If you are one of the many women out there doing this get a clue.

Clearly if you have to do all this you don’t trust the man you’re with. If you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything. If your man has never given you reasons to snoop then don’t. This breed of woman has a habit of driving good men away with all their dumb suspension. Instead of focusing on all the good things he does, they’d rather play the detective role. All it does is add stress to the relationship. I hate to admit this, but we don’t give men a fair enough shot. We have to stop comparing them to our previous relationships. The new guys don’t have anything to do with what happened in the past. Instead of us focusing on a bright future we tend to focus on the negative horror stories from our past. This will mess up your chance for happiness.

Men, don’t deal with this shit! If you know you’re a great catch and you are always being accused of doing something wrong then move on. She doesn’t appreciate you enough to see how special you truly are. You shouldn’t have to deal with it just as much as women shouldn’t have to deal with it. Happiness and honesty are necessary in a relationship, but before one can be in a relationship they need to have love for themselves. You can’t love another without loving yourself. Life is too short for drama and games. Stay positive and positive things will happen!

I think it sad when a woman has to do all of that detective work. I just want to reach out and give them a hug. Do you really think it’s worth it? Honestly what do you get if you find out something? You just get another broken heart. It’s like playing with fire you always get burnt. I always say if you can feel in your heart that you man is doing you wrong, then he is. A woman’s heart never lies. That is one gift that all women have been blessed with. I’ll believe what my heart is telling me before I believe what a man tells me just because all men have cheated or will cheat.

Ladies need to stop blaming other ladies for their men being dogs. If he is not talking to that chick then most likely he has found someone new to talk to. Not all females want to be in a relationship. They just want to be dickdown. When a woman is being approached by a man she doesn’t even ask if he is in a relationship. When did being boyfriend and girlfriend count for something? It’s just a way for guys to have their cake and eat it too. Women are so dumb they can’t even see this. If he loves you the way he said he does then you would be married right? Wouldn’t that symbolize the love between you two more then being boyfriend and girlfriend?

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