Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

Seventy-two percent of people watch porn at work according to a program that aired on Discovery Health channel called “Hypersexual Behavior.” Most people who do this are addicted to sex. I feel the need to explore this topic.


The guy on this program said that he spends 50 hours a week on his computer watching porn and getting females to have sex with him. He said that in a week he can go online and get three to four women to sleep with him. However he is well-respected in his occupation and within his family. His family and friends are clueless to the fact that he engages in these types of activities in his home.

Now that I’ve given you a brief description of this guy let me give you my thoughts. First off all, I have to say that I don’t believe in putting a limit on sex. I feel like a person should do whatever makes them happy. Society equals sex. Just look at the environment around you. How can we consider a person to be a sex addict when we have never even considered our surroundings to be the main cause of this growing problem? Who can honestly say that they haven’t watched porn at work? Most of the time you can’t even control it because of the million pop-ups screaming “hot college girls having threesomes.”

If people want to have a lot of sex they should either be married, in a relationship, or have a steady jump-off. I don’t agree with sleeping with every chick or man you meet on the Internet. You should always check the papers (test results) before you even consider sleeping with a person. An organism should never equal AIDS or an STD. Be smart.

While I was watching the show all I kept saying is “let him do him.” A sex addiction to me isn’t anything more than a high sex drive. As far as his family and friends not knowing, who cares? My parents are clueless to the fact that I’ve had sex outside in a thunderstorm in front of a lake. Do I want to run and tell them? No I don’t. Since when has it been okay to discuss your sexual experience with your parents? I hate that fact that people always have something to say about what you do in your life. As a person we all know that there are consequences to all of our actions, and as long as we keep that in mind we should do what we feel instead of letting society dictate our lives for us.

I can’t say this enough. Please get tested. Nobody is immune to catching AIDS or other STDs. This is such a serious problem built up on people’s foolishness. Remember it is okay to sleep with whomever you want, but it is irresponsible to do it when you are clueless to the fact that your partner may or may not be infected.

However if you are a sex addict who needs help with this type of addiction please go to the following website:

My question still remains, though. Do you think sex addicts are the real deal or something else stirred up by society?

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    MrRLW Mar 29 2012 - 11:43 am Reply

    You make some great points here. Some really great points. As far as the sex addicts thing though, I think they definitely exist. I mean there’s one thing to have a healthy sex drive. I like to think my sex drive is pretty damn healthy to say the least. But there are some people who literally can not control themselves. I mean 50hours a week watching porn, is an average of 7 hours a day, for 7 days a week. Factor in we are “supposed” to get 8hrs of sleep a day. 24-8=16. That means this bamma is woke 16 hours a day and almost HALF of that time (on average), he’s watching porn. That there is a problem, lol.

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