March 2012 Q&A

March 2012 Q&A

I had some of my readers contact me about the situations they are experiencing. I realized that this happens more often than we seem to realize.

Mr. Confused: “My ex-girlfriend got pregnant when we were just dating. I decided to marry her since that is the right thing to do. After a few years of marriage, I found out she was cheating on me. We ended up getting a divorce. Now when I come to pick up my son, she invites herself out with us. She told me it didn’t work out with the man she left me for and wants to give us another chance. The problem is she has contracted genital herpes from him. After reading your article “The Joys of Oral Sex” I feel like I could never give up receiving oral sex. I definitely don’t want to put myself at risk to catch the disease or to get my heart broken again. What should I do?”

Geri C.: I think you should respect her for the sake of your child, but as far as you committing to her again I’m going to have to say don’t do it. I can’t say this enough. In life there are consequences to our action. She had to weigh her options before she left you. Clearly she thought that he was a better match at the time. Does she even consider the fact that she broke your marriage vows, which is very serious? Marriage is not something you put at risk like she did, because when you do you can catch the gift that keeps on giving.

I understand the two of you have a son together, but don’t let that be the reason to give her another chance. Love should always be your reason. When you put your trust into a person and they take advantage of you, it hurts like hell. Me personally I have a hard time trusting people. To me trust is a gift I don’t easily give away. Especially when they do me dirty. It’s hard as hell to get my trust back.

If you love receiving and giving oral sex don’t sacrifices it for her. You have stay true to who you are. Tell her to get back with the man who gave her the disease. I’ve been told that you never know what you have until it’s gone. That’s all you need to say to her and hopefully she will understand. Thanks for sharing you story.

Ineedsome: “I am 37 years old I have been married to an older woman (8 years older) since I was 19. Things don’t seem the same. I mean I love her, but my eyes are starting to wander. We rarely have sex anymore and I starting to masturbate to XXX movies. I am about 5’8″ and 175 pounds light skinned with a medium build, and have a good head on my shoulders. Some women say I am handsome and others say cute or good looking. I don’t know what to do; we communicate well sometimes and other times not so good. I need your help! Please don’t charge me!”

Geri C.: Have you told her how you feel about not getting laid? Maybe the two of you should try something new in the bedroom, bar, or pool. You feel me? Women hate when it is routine. If you feel like your eyes are starting to wander then trust me, so are hers. When you committed yourself to a person you should want to completely all their inner fantasies. If you don’t or she won’t then someone else will, and that’s the reality. Both of you have to be on the same page and willing to work together because at the end of the day the two of you are in a partnership together. Make your business generate assets! Get rid of the liabilities by communicating more.

Ineedsextipasap: What’s good? I’ve seen your Facebook and have seen that you have made this website where I think you can discuss sex topics. I thought it might be right if I came at you personally to ask you for some tips.

So my older brother is taking me to L.A. this summer and he told me that he has a girl over there for me. Now I am not virgin nor am I a newbie to sex. I’ve been in a sexually active relationship for over 3 years. The girl I was with was about my age, which is 19. Now the girl he’s got over there is 21. I need to know if there are any secrets as to satisfying an older woman. I want to show her even a youngin’ like me can work that shit just like any other older man can. I’m very certain you’re a very mature and older woman who might be able to help me. I know pleasing a teen and a woman are two different things, so let me know what’s up. I mean preach it out. Let me know the deal straight up.

Geri C.: First off all, let me say that pleasing a woman is doing just that… pleasing her. Age doesn’t matter at all, pleasure on the other hand does. You have time to build up the tension between you and her. You should do this by learning about her a little bit by phone. What I love to do is something I call “Text Sexing.” I will post the article I wrote on it to my blog. By doing this, you build up the sexual tension between you and her. By the time you get to L.A., she won’t even have on panties because she will be ready for you to dive in. Turning a woman on with just words gets them hot. They get curious to know if you really can do what you say. So don’t make up move that you don’t know how to do. Keep it real at all times.

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