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Geri C. is known throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan for dishing out some of the rawest sex and relationship advice. She first launched her sex and relationship column in 2006 with the help of Ray Choates, owner and founder of DC Music and Models. She received strong feedback from her readers for articles such as “Text Sexing”, “The Joys of Oral Sex”, and “Relationship Foundation”.

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Sep 2

Interracial Dating: Caucasianly Opened


This evening I posted a picture of a Caucasian man embracing an African-American woman on my Instagram page. The caption on the picture read “That moment when you find out he likes black girls!” Who knew that this picture would open up the flood gates? Race still plays a powerful position in some people’s lives. Let me state that I am proud to be an African-American woman. I can remember a time that I wouldn’t even consider dating outside of my race. I felt like it was my responsibility as an African-American woman to stay loyal to African-American men. I no longer believe that this is my responsibility. It doesn’t make us anymore African American because we date within our race. I grew up in Germantown, MD around numerous interracial relationships. It was rare to see anyone date within their race, but even as a teen I was determined to find an African-American boyfriend. I’ve dated African-American and men of Latin descent before, but had never dated anyone Caucasian until recently.

I had to stop boxing myself in and closing off potential opportunities to be in love. I had to accept the fact that I wanted a man. His color should have nothing to do with the decision. Color does not matter to me at all. I respect all men. I had to grow from what I thought I needed to be. I enjoy dating Caucasian men. I find myself more so drawn to them at the moment. It is called having a preference. Everyone is allotted one. I don’t understand how someone’s preference can turn into racism. Who are we to judge anyone? I have learned from African-American men a lot. I have had them tell me they would only date a woman of Latin descent because their more submissive or date a Caucasian woman because they have the financial backing to take care of them. I could go on and on with the ridiculous justifications I hear from African-American men on why they date outside of their race..These in my opinion are ignorant reasons. I have witness interracial couples who genuinely loved each other.  People are so hung up on race they forget that love and respect is colorless.


After going on a date with a Caucasian; I’m open to every man. I learned in one date that a man is a man. However I did enjoy my date with him a little bit more than usual. I guess when you put yourself in a different situation than you are use too it can be exciting. I’m looking forward to breaking the boundaries in the dating world. That goes for all women. Let’s stop closing ourselves off because we are afraid of what people might think. Let’s focus on our individual happiness.That is what each of us deserve. If you believe that racism plays a part in love then you are sadly mistaken. I don’t need another African-American man hitting my phone trying to “convert” me back to my race. I’m not really sure what they think that will do. We live in a different day and age. It is time to open up to possibilities; that might come in a different shade of color than yours. It’s time to be okay with that everyone.