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Geri C. is known throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan for dishing out some of the rawest sex and relationship advice. She first launched her sex and relationship column in 2006 with the help of Ray Choates, owner and founder of DC Music and Models. She received strong feedback from her readers for articles such as “Text Sexing”, “The Joys of Oral Sex”, and “Relationship Foundation”.

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Aug 6

Life After You

black-woman-happyI have not written a column since the beginning of 2015. So many things have transpired this year. The person I thought I knew ended up being the biggest weight in my life. In my column “Done Camping” I made a declaration to Brown Skin and stuck by my choice to let him go. He made it very clear that I would only be sex to him. I wasn’t worthy of much else. My feeling for him had become a mixture of being hurt and angry all at once. I was loosing who I was to be a pawn on his chest board. I knew I had to stop entertaining his nonsense. As time moved on I realized I allowed him to treat me like a temporary thought or an act of sexual pleasure. I am so much more. I knew that I had to completely let Brown Skin go in order to receive a man of my caliper. Ladies please remember the importance of closing one door before you open the next. Men have the tendency to think once they have sex with us that you are theirs forever. We all know that marriage gets you forever not a sexual moment. Moments will never outweigh another man offering to love you for a lifetime. I had fought for Brown Skin for three years. I had no more fight left in me.

I took the time to get the image of what I thought we’d become out of my head. Once I did that amazing things begin to happen. I became a home owner a few months ago. My dating life picked back up and I had become more in tune with men. Especially how they treated me. I realized that I set the tone for what I expected. After my last situation I wasn’t taking anybody’s crap.

I was talking to my best friend Cindy one day and she convinced me to try online dating. I was very skeptical because I thought meeting men in person was less risky than meeting them online. I felt like I was going to get Catfish. She explained to me that in order to avoid being Catfish I should use Face Time or Skype with possible suitors. I signed up and realize that a lot of men were interested in me. I didn’t need all of them; I just wanted one. To my surprise he contact me within three day of me being on the site. The attraction between us was instant. I call him O. He is the man I’ve always needed. My leader. It has proven to be a challenge at times, but a new saga has begun.