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Geri C. is known throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan for dishing out some of the rawest sex and relationship advice. She first launched her sex and relationship column in 2006 with the help of Ray Choates, owner and founder of DC Music and Models. She received strong feedback from her readers for articles such as “Text Sexing”, “The Joys of Oral Sex”, and “Relationship Foundation”.

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Oct 30

I Chose to Have One Child

gerianddevinI read an article on Yahoo this morning entitled “I Chose Not to Have Kids”. I thought it was rather interesting. I agreed with most of the article. Now I know you are say, “Wait, don’t you have a son?” right? I do have a ten year old son that I love with my life. I enjoy being a mother, but I got to admit it is the hardest thing ever; especially when the financial part falls on you. It can be rather stressful to maintain a corporate lifestyle while trying to figure out how to fit back to school night in your schedule. I tip my hat to all the parents that can shelter and afford more than one child. As my son and I grow I realize I am happy with my one child. Once I get him off to college or whatever he wants to peruse I want to jet set across the world.

Starting over again with another child is not for me. I have scarifies a lot to become a mother. A parent scarifies. I’m not going to make parenting look picture perfect because it is not. There are good days and bad days. I feel like there is so much more to life than having multiple children. I rather volunteer more and focus on my career. I only like to date men that don’t want more children. I am not willing to take the risk of having another child with anyone. My passport is waiting.

People ask me all the time when will I have another child? The answer will always be never. My child doesn’t even want me to have another child. I love the fact that I can give all my time and focus to him. Our family vacations are cheaper and we can have fun without being on a tight budget. I feel like when you have one child you are able to do a lot more. I’m not knocking people with children. A lot of my friends have multiple children and they are awesome at managing them. Personally I don’t have the patience’s or the money to raise and send multiple children to college. Daycare costs are through the roof. Society is making it very expenses to have children. I’m not willing to put myself in debt. I’m perfectly happy with my son.

Beside my siblings have children. I babysit and take them shopping. Being the cool Aunt is awesome! People need to realize that we are all entitled to our own choices. I’m not here to disrespect anyone’s choice, but don’t turn your nose up at others decisions. All we can ever do is control ourselves. I know what parenthood is. I’m in the midst of experiencing it. When my son becomes an adult I would like to see what other joys there are to life. Life is all about living outside of the box.

Please go check out the article “I Chose not to Have Children” by Anne Jones: