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Geri C. is known throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan for dishing out some of the rawest sex and relationship advice. She first launched her sex and relationship column in 2006 with the help of Ray Choates, owner and founder of DC Music and Models. She received strong feedback from her readers for articles such as “Text Sexing”, “The Joys of Oral Sex”, and “Relationship Foundation”.

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Oct 2

Owning Yourself

thCA2VAF5WWe control the space we are in. When I really held on to this my space began to change. I had put so much energy into people and things that were a waste of my time. Countless times I’d put myself in negative situations. Then one day my friend Cindy showed me something on my phone that would save me; the block button. I’d begun blocking anyone who brought negativity to my life. Oh and family was not excluded from this. I am finding out that not everyone is meant to be in your life. I am in a space were happiness is essential. Anything other than that must leave my circle.

Now I’m two week away from moving out of my apartment. This is the first space I had ever lived in alone. Being here made me realize how much I could handle on my own. I am proud of my growth over the last six years. For the next nine month I will be living with a family member. I figured why pay rent when I can save. Beside that I wanted to be free of having a lease. I’ve been applying for opportunities in New York, Los Angeles, and London. I figured God will put me where he wants me to be. I felt like it was some things I had to turn over to Him.  I graduate college in about two months. I am so happy. It’s not even about having the degree; it’s about the knowledge I gained. To be receiving my BAA while my son watches me walk across the stage is pretty amazing. I promised him this moment when I first held him and I didn’t break it.

I wake up every day with the intention to change the cycle of my family. We are more than what we accept. You are what you think you are. Thoughts alone dictate where you will go in life. Everything I thought would happen; it has. Changing your thoughts can change the destination of your life. Negativity cripples your possibilities. The things that I wrote, but did not live by are now gone. I live by what I write. I take my flaws head on and make the necessary changes. I’m lovin’ life and myself a lot more lately.

As far as men are concerned I am still dating. I am not dating often, but I have been on maybe two dates in the past two months. I only date or for that matter interact with men whom have similar interests and goals. I use to date anyone, but now I expect certain things from a man when I date him. The main thing I look for is for a connection. I’m spiritual so energy means everything. Conversation is really important to me. If you only text or you never call then I don’t give you any parts of me. It’s not okay to hit a woman after three months with the “Hey stranger” text message. This leads me to my next rule of thumb; consistency. If I don’t hear from you and no interest is express I will block you from contacting me. That’s right. I don’t give any man the opportunity to contact me when it fits into his schedule. That is not the type of man I want to be with. I have been definitely stand my ground a lot more lately. I also never excuse any excuses.

I am saying all of this to say that I am becoming the woman I knew I would become. My spirituality has increase and I’m more connected. I’ve discovered that my strength can overpower any negativity that may come my way. I put my faith more into God; not people. I want all women to own who they are because we determine our outcomes. We do that.

I will keep you posted on my transition.